A new solidarity for a new generation (Oleksandr Andriievskyi )

In September I’ve heard about the project “New Solidarity in Ukraine” of Kyiv and Munich universities. I had been interested in the topic of this project because it seemed really important to communicate with people who were activists of Maidan or who nowadays are taking part in Ukrainian volunteer movement by helping refugees or supporting in one or another way Ukrainian army. The fact this people do the work of the government themselves, it can mean only that we have face the birth of civil society.

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„There was the feeling that everyone is your brother“

316148_176421102450618_950535643_nThe Maidan movement sparked a surge of solidarity in Ukraine. Yet how did protesters experience it? An interview with an activist turned volunteer soldier about nationalism, friendship and how a medieval armour saved his life

By Elsbeth Föger

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Euromaidan :question of values (Oksana Petruk)

L2bzdcAQkwoTempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis. This proverb says that we are changing through time: we are other persons than we were yesterday. Many things we can rethink again, look at them from a remote prospect, assess differently based on new experiences. My rethinking of Euromaidan still ongoing. Many as internal and external factors cause it. One of them became the project “New solidarity in Ukraine.”

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Essay (Martin Svensson)

МартинEuromaidan is something that the Ukrainians remember as something extraordinary: not the series of events themselves, but moreover a new kind of movement, tying together people from different paths of life, with different experiences and different overall conditions in life. For some – perhaps mostly for those who participated in Euromaidan – the kind of solidarity and mode of cooperation between former strangers was something completely new in the Ukrainian society. Continue reading “Essay (Martin Svensson)”

Euromaidan: conceptualizing revolution

YaroslavNovember 21 Ukraine will celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom dedicated for the second anniversary of Euromaidan or, as it called, Revolution of dignity. The world is changing very quickly and it is time to reject emotions and to ask: what was actually happening? Is it correct to call this events revolutionary? At this point, my intention is to try an answer in the following essay. Continue reading “Euromaidan: conceptualizing revolution”